Merchants Need To Know How To Win Against Chargebacks!

Understanding Process of Chargeback: The process of chargeback is very complicated from starting to the end. Due to it’s strict deadlines, documentations and the requirement of many more protocols, it’s not easy to understand the reasons behind it. Before going into depth, please note that you should have thorough understanding of what you are facing.
Maintaining the accurate and realistic records: If you are not having the detailed information from the initial stage, you will never become successful in raising dispute. Firstly you check the card networks to increase your knowledge about accepting forms of compelling evidence. Secondly you will have to create an organization system to save your database.
Checking of the reason code: Each chargeback is accompanied by a chargeback reason code. This reason code helps the merchant understand why the chargeback was filed. Each card network has its own set of chargeback reason codes.
Start Rising: Every chargeback that occurs needs to be accompanied by a chargeback rebuttal letter. Become aware of writing a letter process.
Avoid secondary chargebacks: Second chargebacks, or pre-arbitration chargebacks, needlessly increase costs. As the old saying goes, do it right the first time.
Take action: While chargeback time limits are quite lengthy for cardholders, merchants must act quickly.
Dispute with confidence: If you’ve taken the necessary steps to eliminate merchant error and minimize criminal fraud, then you can dispute friendly fraud chargebacks with confidence.

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